About KTD 193

KTD193 was established in response to a growing need for positive change and intervention for establishing personal vision and mission for individuals who have lost all hope and zest for life. This NPC is the brain child of a married couple who has dedicated themselves to this plight for more than 12 years and have since become visionaries with an end term goal to build a skills & restoration centre in the community.

It is the intention of KTD193 to empower, uplift and equip unemployed men and women in our community by training them various social and creative skills. For some people the need may not be to create an opportunity for income generation, but simply to offer them the chance of therapeutic creativity.

KTD193 spent years reaching out to communities in running various programs, providing clothing, food parcels, finding homes for the destitute, restoring marriages and running skills training programs. We have drawn in a team of highly skilled, like minded and dedicated people with the necessary drive and dedication to do the much needed work and be the hand of compassion. Together, we create positive outcomes as the future of our communities are of utmost importance. Our children are our future and we are as a nation watching more and more of them become victim to substance abuse owing to unfavorable living circumstances.

"We cannot change the world – but we can make a difference and change the world we can touch!"


To stand in unity, to persevere through faith, in order to reclaim and foster the lost.


To identify, train, equip men, women and children in order to realize their God – given destiny expressed through service in the home, workplace and their community at large, and in so doing eradicate poverty and restore dignity.