Skills training

It is the purpose and intention of KTD193 to empower, uplift and equip and restore the broken hearted; let the unemployed men, women and children in our community know that they are not alone by supporting and providing training for them in developing the various social and creative skills needed for sustainable living. For some the need may not be to create an opportunity for income generation, but simply to offer them the chance of therapeutic creativity to bring healing and restoration.

We aim at encouraging people to reach their full potential in life as every person possesses an ability which makes them unique. Role models are rarely seen in the poor communities due to the single parent ratio and in some cases where there is no income or lack thereof, children and adults turn to substance abuse for the temporal relief of pain caused by hunger and shame. In our quest to restore family values we depend on other NGO's whose ethos matches that of ours in order to assist us in fulfilling this assignment.


These programs run from the Skills Training Centre where facilitators can further take it to the various communities as needed.

Classes of H O P E
Helping Others Prosper and Excel: This is an eight week personal development course (certificate on completion) – one day a week, where life skills are taught in order live a life of purpose and fulfill your destiny.

Topics include:
The purpose of having a dream and living it - identifying the dream killers; Living a life of Integrity - Team Vision and Leadership Practices; Personal Development/Leadership - Mentoring and Coaching - Passion for Excellence – Keep the Vision and writing our own personal vision statement


To stand in unity, to persevere through faith, in order to reclaim and foster the lost.


To identify, train, equip men, women and children in order to realize their God – given destiny expressed through service in the home, workplace and their community at large, and in so doing eradicate poverty and restore dignity.