Jane Domingo - Peer Pressure, Loneliness, Rejection

At the age of 12 yrs my life was dedicated to being a witness for the Lord at my school. When I turned 18 I went off the path through peer pressure and married at the age of 21years. After six years in the marriage my husband deserted us and I was forced to move back to my parents' home. No explanation as we were out of reach since he returned to his country. The loneliness and rejection was very painful and he just did not care about us. This rejection led me to clubs where I met guys with fast cars and money, in need of fulfillment. I got involved in a wrong relationship, actually a one night stand and contracted HIV. I was so devastated, attempted suicide but I couldn't die. I heard the voice of God telling me how much He loved me. The Lord told me I will not die but live to spread the Gospel to His people and tell them that His Alive. When I came to Women of Substance in 2008 I regained my dignity and self-worth. The conferences and Seminars that WoS hosts each one is life changing and done in excellence. I went through the classes of HOPE and what was really awesome about this network was that no one judged me for being HIV positive, but they accepted me and my children and continue to show me unconditional love. I've also learned so many coping skills including the power of sharing your pain and still be a strong woman, who through forgiveness, makes it so much easier to intercede for my husband, children and family members even when they hurt you the most. I remarried after a few years and have two more children. God gave me the grace to love on them and pray for them.. God in His love continues to take me from strength to strength...

Cathleen Barnes - From Rebellion to Acceptance

My first experience was at a high tea hosted by Women of Substance in 2011. In my rebellion I accepted the invitation from a family member who ensured me that I will receive healing. I didn't know how emotional healing will happen so I was inquisitive and decided that although double minded, I went anyway. I am married with three children and grew up with my aunt and uncle. I had no relationship nor did I know my mother so this left a void in my life making me feel like a dot out there in the world and no one really cared for me or knew that I existed. At the end of the message Pastor Terri said that the altar is open for prayer especially for those in need of restoration I found myself weeping at the altar uncontrollably and knew that this was a supernatural thing going on inside of me. My healing began on that day at the "In her shoes" High tea. The Women of Substance ministry played and integral part in my healing and restoration process even in the way that there are so many mothers who shower me with love and acceptance, Pastor Terri shares her motherly love with us all and I thank God for this awesome privilege to be a part of WoS and I am now able to pray for others who find themselves in the same position I was in.

Rigney Marsden - From death to life....Brokenness to Wholeness!

When he was being counted out, God had greater plans! After being involved a fatal accident Rigney was on the way to the morgue where, after an encounter with God, he awoke! The road to full recovery has been a long one but the man who was told he would never walk talk or be the same again is a walking talking testimony of God's goodness. The hospital workers called him the miracle man! When he first came into our meetings he was very shy and inferior but through WoS intervention and lengthy counseling he received the spiritual and emotional restoration which really only came after weeks and he is progressing well even after the brain damage he suffered through the accident. He was initially rejected by his relatives too and lived on the streets as he had no place to go then found a bed at the shelter where he lived for a period until he decided that he wanted to move out of the shelter and be on his own. Rigney says the love he receives and the non judgmental approach helped him overcome his fear of man. The relationship is restored with his relatives and he now visits them weekly. It is a privilege to be a part of his journey and to see him being encouraged, daily grow in confidence and share his powerful testimony as he moves from strength to strength through the Grace of God.